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Davide Ravaglia

Phd thesis

The core of my research involves updating a Spatially Explicit Individual-Based Model, with the alpine wolf population as the model species. This model, first developed by Marucco and McIntire, will be instrumental in exploring the Favorable Conservation Status (FCS). The concept of FCS, utilized in the Habitats Directive, characterizes a scenario where a species thrives in its natural habitat and is expected to persist in the future. This notion often sparks debates, particularly for species like large carnivores, given their wide-ranging presence across borders. The model will play a pivotal role in unraveling the conditions under which the Italian Alpine wolf population achieves FCS, also aiding in assessing the impact of various management scenarios.

The other aspect of my research will explore, in collaboration with Guillaume Chapron, the intricate network of connections between human attitudes - especially fears related to wolves - media coverage, and electoral seasons. This investigation aims to shed light on the complex human dimensions associated with this highly controversial and politically charged species.

I am eager to delve into these complexities and actively contribute to ongoing discussions on wildlife conservation and human-wildlife interactions. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like more detailed information about my current research.


Research activities

  • Ravaglia, D., Ferrario, V., De Gregorio, C., Carugati, F., Raimondi, T., Cristiano, W., ... & Gamba, M. (2023). There you are! Automated detection of indris’ songs on features extracted from passive acoustic recordings. Animals13(2), 241.
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