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International dimension

The University of Torino, University of Piemonte Orientale and University of Antananarivo have established a wide range of collaborations and research projects with international universities, research centres of public or private organisations.

The University of Torino is partner of UNITA network  and of Consortium SEADD-VALCOBIO (Malagasy and Comoros Universities).
The PhD programme identifies several potential partnerships within the aforementioned and other international networks on the research themes that are pursued by the PhD programme. Where appropriate, we aim to establish cotutelle agreements to further strengthen the ties between the partners, thus enhancing the impact of these networks in the domain of “Sustainability”.
PhD students are encouraged to take advantage of all established connections and include in their PhD programme internship periods in foreign universities and research centres. The 16 departments involved in this PhD programme has an established range of agreements with foreign universities that enable this kind of opportunity.

Last update: 14/05/2021 14:56
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