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Claudia Cuomo

Phd thesis

The primary objective of this research revolves around climate transition risks for companies from different perspectives points. In the context of academic research, the study is focused on the analysis of various tools and methodologies available in the market for assessing and identifying the materiality of these risks. Subsequently, it delves into the assessment of corporate sustainability reporting. However, as this research is conducted in collaboration with WSP Italy for a doctoral program, an additional goal is to formulate and implement a climate risk assessment methodology specifically tailored for application at the project level. This multifaceted approach seeks to contribute both to theoretical knowledge in academia and to practical methodologies in collaboration with a real-world industry partner. By addressing climate transition risks from different angles, the research aims to enhance our understanding of the challenges faced by corporations in adapting to climate change, while also providing tangible tools for implementation in project-based scenarios. 

Last update: 06/02/2024 16:10
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