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Simona Alberti

Phd thesis

Tech-Based Monitoring of Biodiversity and Pollinators

In this research project, our objective is to delve into the prospects of employing Internet of Things (IoT) bioacoustic sensors for the monitoring of insects. This novel method is intended to evaluate biodiversity with a specific concentration on pollinators (Syrphidae and Apoidea). Our primary goal is to construct a comprehensive acoustic library, cataloguing the distinct buzzes produced by these pollinators. This repository will serve as a foundational element in the development of an advanced algorithm, which will be integrated into an acoustic detection device provided by 3Bee (PhD company partner). Following the algorithm's training phase, the sensor will possess the capability to not only detect but also identify the sounds generated by these insects. Furthermore, it aims to achieve recognition at the most precise taxonomic level feasible, thereby contributing significantly to the field of bioacoustic monitoring in biodiversity studies.

Research activities

Alberti, S., Stasolla, G., Mazzola, S., Casacci, L. P., & Barbero, F. (2023). Bioacoustic IoT Sensors as Next-Generation Tools for Monitoring: Counting Flying Insects through Buzz. Insects14(12), 924.


Pusceddu, M., Cini, A., Alberti, S., Salaris, E., Theodorou, P., Floris, I., & Satta, A. (2021). Honey bees increase social distancing when facing the ectoparasite Varroa destructor. Science Advances7(44), eabj1398.





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