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Ph.D. Programmes - 38th cycle | 7 Ph.D. scholarships funded by INPS

Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Call for the admission to the Ph.D. Programmes - 38th cycle - Academic Year 2022/23 with the awarding of 7 Ph.D. scholarships funded by INPS in the fields of Industry 4.0 and Sustainable development - in favour of children and orphans of workers enrolled in the INPS "Gestione unitaria delle prestazioni creditizie e sociali", or of retired users of the INPS "Gestione dipendenti pubblici".

Start 14th February 2023
Deadline: 16th March,  2023 at 12.00 (noon, Central European Time)

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Last update: 15/02/2023 16:33
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